Who are we?
The Sail Training Ireland Youth Council is a group of passionate young people within Sail Training Ireland, set up to provide a ‘voice of youth’ in the organization.

Although we all come from different backgrounds and have different levels of sailing knowledge and experience, we have all taken part in at least one Sail Training Voyage, and developed an interest in sailing.

What is our Purpose?
The council was set up to support Sail Training Ireland in developing the activity of sailing within Ireland. Our main aim in this sense is to help promote the accessibility of Sail Training amongst young people in Ireland.

The council also represents young people in Sail Training Ireland, through offering opinions and suggestions in any endeavors that involve young people. As well as this, the council can be utilized as a pool of volunteers to help out at events where necessary, as well as representing the organization at public events.

What is our Vision?
The vision of the Sail Training Ireland Youth Council is to become a steady supporter of Sail Training Ireland, inspire young people to take part in Sail Training and bridge the gap between the organization of Sail Training Ireland and the young people of the country.

How is the Council Organized?
The Sail Training Ireland Youth Council comprises of 15 young people between the ages of 16 and 30. Each of whom were nominated by youth groups which have worked in conjunction with Sail Training Ireland, and have all taken part in at least one Sail Training Voyage. The council was originally formed in October 2016, during a Causeway Funded Weekend in Belfast. It is modelled after the Sail Training International Youth Council. The Chairperson of the Irish Council will also represent Ireland in the International Council.

Although the Youth Council is answerable directly to Sail Training Ireland, the group has an internally-elected Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary, as well as other Executives and Project Leaders.

Sara Mason will act as the link between the Youth Council Executive Committee & Sail Training Ireland. When invited, up to two Youth Council members will attend Sail Training Ireland Board meetings. The purpose of this is to provide updates upon request of any ongoing activities, offer opinions on projects concerning young people and to keep the remainder of the Youth Council updated.

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