Upcoming Voyages with Sail Training Ireland

Are you interested in taking part? Our main goal is to sponsor and support young people, from all backgrounds, to take part in voyages at sea on Tall Ships and Sail training vessels. This can be a life-changing experience and often has profound effects on the attitudes, behaviours and outlook of the participants. No sailing experience required!

We are excited about new opportunities in 2017 and are aiming to provide access to 350 funded trainee berths on board Tall ships and Sail training vessels this season.

For more information on destinations, dates and participants’ contribution please see our voyage program below.

Voyage: Cork Bursary Voyage 1 (18-30yr) NOTE: Cork Sail Training Bursary Scheme Application Form needed to apply.Please contact info@sailtrainingireland.com for a form

Dates: 27 Aug 2017 to 01 Sep 2017 (5 days)   Route: Glandore to Cork   Vessel: Spirit of Oysterhaven

Sail this beautiful 70 foot classic schooner as a member of crew under the supervision of qualified professionals - no experience necessary, you will learn everything on board! Enjoy the fun and camaraderie of being a crewmember - the exhilaration of sailing on the ocean wave, the excitement of piloting into unfamiliar harbours, the wonder of sailing at night under a starry sky. Learn how to set and stow sails, helm the ship, tie knots, read the weather and predict tides. This exciting adventure offers the participants the opportunity to overcome fears, push boundaries and take on new responsibilities in a challenging environment. Sail training promotes self-confidence, enhances self-esteem and develops leadership, teamwork and communication skills. Your sail training experience will take place in a friendly and supportive environment under the care of qualified professionals whose first priority is always the safety and welfare of the crew on board.

Trainee Capacity: 10   Fee: €150   

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At Sail Training Ireland we believe that no young person should be excluded from sail training due to financial situation. If you require additional funding, please do let us know in your application.

We aim to sponsor and support sea-going participants through various bursary schemes. We also encourage and support you to fundraise yourself.