Tall Ships Race International Youth Exchange 15 -25

  • Dates: 20/07/2018 to 28/07/2018
  • Route: Esbjerg Denmark to Stavanger Norway
  • Vessel: Golden Leeuw
  • Trainee Capacity: 10
  • Fee: €810

– The Tall Ships Races 2018 – Cruise in Company. International exchange with youngsters from all over the world – Every year a “Cruise in Company” leg is part of The Tall Ships Races. This leg is not a competitive event, but a cruise of friendship and adventure, giving the ships a choice of alternative sailing routes. This leg is always suitable for crew exchange between participating vessels, it’s a chance to gain new experience and friends among the Tall Ships. In Stavanger you can join the activities organised for all and the crewparade and crewparty. On board you participate in the daily working of the ship alongside professional seamen: standing lookout, manning the helm, helping in the galley, hoisting sail and voluntarily have the chance to climb the rigging/mast. Open for all Windseekers and nationalities age 15-25 years, 25+ at request.