Easter Voyage 1 Under 18 M70 – Only 1 place left please call 01 8168866

  • Dates: 02/04/2018 to 07/01/2018
  • Route: Dublin to Belfast
  • Vessel: Maybe
  • Trainee Capacity: 12
  • Fee: €425

Join Tall Ship Maybe for your DofE Residential or your Gaisce bronze or silver adventure journey or personal skill! You become the trainee crew of an 87 year old Tall Ship, sailing her across the Irish Sea from Belfast to Liverpool. You will be involved in every aspect of sailing this beautiful ship, from hoisting sails and steering the ship, to cooking meals for everyone in the galley. You will gain skills in leadership, teamwork and communication whilst learning to sail a classic Tall Ship. This is a great residential activity to gain new skills and take part in a unique activity. Price excludes transport to and from Belfast/Liverpool.